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BikeVillage offers one of the most experienced mountain bike development consultant services in the world of mountain biking and gravel riding.

This experience comes from having worked in the industry since 1998. Company director Sam Morris is a mountain bike consultant with a unique profile. His experience combines mountain bike tourism and travel with bike instructor and guide training, international project management and legal and research expertise from over 25 years in the industry.

This means we have experience working on mountain bike development projects including:

  1. Destination development on projects in countries including France, Britain, Finland, Morocco and Ireland,
  2. Also, product conception, development and testing,
  3. Along with market research with a focus on domestic and international MTB tourism,
  4. Which helps with marketing strategy, outreach and content creation,
  5. Not forgetting clinical research expertise – motivations to ride, environmental impact, MTB tourism etc.
  6. Another area is legal expertise; preparing court reports and providing technical advice on cases involving MTB instructor-guides,
  7. We also cover development of guide training programs for organisations ranging from national training organisations to tour operators and MTB destinations,
  8. This often involves Guide training – delivery of training courses on the ground,
  9. We have also managed European project coordination. This includes project management and stake holder coordination on international projects with European Commission funding.


Involving an experienced mountain bike development consultant is the best way to make sure your ideas reach their full potential. So, to learn how we can help you move forwards with your mountain biking project, just contact sam at