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Enduro Mountain Bike Holidays France

At BikeVillage we offer you the very the best mountain bike holiday and Transalp tour in France, the Alps and probably the world.

This is why BikeVillage has developed into a legend over the years – 75% of our guests each year are returning. This is what motivates us to keep on developing and improving our vision of the perfect mountain bike holiday in the Alps with each new tour, trip and experience we create.

Do you like the sound of the best Alpine singletrack you’ve ever ridden in your life? Why not add some cosy 4-star accommodation? After that a soak in the hot-tub as you watch the evening sun set over the mountains, even a sauna? Next throw in delicious meals prepared by your incredible hosts? And finish the deal off with professional guiding and skills instruction from the very best in the business. Does it sound like the ultimate mountain biking holiday? If you’re all ready to book your mountain biking trip to France then the 2024 booking form is right here.

Are you ready for the ultimate Transalp tour? How about a mountain bike traverse of the Alps from North to South? This means starting with your back wheel in the crystal waters of lake Annecy and finishing with your front wheel in the Mediterranean a lifetime later? What lies in between? An epic array of the best rideable summits and high passes to be found in the world of single track mountain biking. Imagine standing astride your bike on a 3000m alpine summit, knowing that your adventure will carry you to the sea, three vertical kilometres below you and a lifetime away. That is the AlpPacker transalp tour.

The route took us over 10 years to develop and it is not to be under-estimated. There is less luxury and the longest hike-a-bike sections can be over 3 hours long with some pushing and pedalling mixed in. The high mountain trails require both respect and humility – the Alps are always bigger than us!

If this sounds a bit too brutal for you, worry not! This is exactly why we developed the AlpPack’Elba enduro mountain bike tour. Come and explore the incredible mediterranean island of Elba with us, AlpPacker style. This means big uplifts, less climbing than our other transalp tours and then amazing trails all the way back to the sea. We stay most of the week in one base, a beautiful 4 star hotel on the coast serving incredible food.

Sam has so much experience at the top level of mountain bike tourism, guide training, destination development and product testing that he also works as a successful mountain biking development consultant. From the arctic circle in Finnish Lapland down to Portugal and back on his home patch of France, this is what October to May looks like at BikeVillage.