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How to Get Better at Mountain Biking

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The aim of this post is simple – to guide you to get better at mountain biking before your arrival at BikeVillage, here in the French Alps. The better you feel about yourself and your mountain biking, the more enjoyment you will have on your MTB holiday in the Alps. We want to encourage you toRead more

Whyte S-150C RS long term test and review

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    Since its release in late 2017, our Whyte S-150c RS has had a very thorough thrashing up and down Alp, zipping through frost covered dust, smashing into snowmelt softened mud and heading sideways through greasy leaf litter mulch. It has had two years of full time guiding abuse and so we can prettyRead more

Kingdom Enduro EWS Qualifier in Lesotho, Africa

Sam and Tom, a long-time friend, one-time BV chef and now Bike Radar’s technical editor, went to Lesotho looking for adventure and some some fun between the race tapes. This they had and so much more. You can watch Tom’s video of their adventure below and/or read Sam’s account even further down. Spoiler alert: SamRead more

BikeVillage home-brew from the Alps!

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Check out these amazing labels for our new pet side project: BikeVillage beer! Seriously, everyone should have a talented Norwegian graphic designer friend (@rwestvig) – just look what they do on their lunch breaks: We could do with some snappy ideas for beer names however. So to spread the love a bit, we’re reaching out to you,Read more

MTB guides France with French MTB guide union

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Do you love the idea of being guided by a qualified Anglophone (or insert your own native language here) MTB instructor-guide during your next trip to the French Alps? Do you hate the idea of them having to pick up soap in a French prison for their pains? Well help is at hand in bothRead more

Where is the best mountain biking in the Alps?

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It’s the biggie, the question I’ve been asking myself since the first time I wrapped my mountain bike in cardboard and took a train to the mountains of Europe. That was in 1994, when I was 17. Where IS the best Alps mountain biking? Back then I’d found a musty smelling map shop in theRead more

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