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BikeVillage home-brew from the Alps!

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Check out these amazing labels for our new pet side project: BikeVillage beer! Seriously, everyone should have a talented Norwegian graphic designer friend (@rwestvig) – just look what they do on their lunch breaks: We could do with some snappy ideas for beer names however. So to spread the love a bit, we’re reaching out to you,Read more

Dancing Queens!

post image Ray’s been busy with his video camera again! This week’s edit sees some of our regular BV guests being put through their paces on some more amazing Alpine singletrack, getting some interesting switchback coaching and perhaps the creation of the first ever BV boy band led by Puffy and the inimitable Jock Travolta. BenRead more

Going, going, go-cart

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He’s still alive! This time last week BV’s only male heir, seven year old Addie, spotted a poster for a go-cart race, in just 3 days time, and pointed it out to Sam and Calum. Here’s what happened next: First we emptied the shed of all the broken bike bits we had lying around andRead more

BikeVillage Micro-brewery is go!

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“Don’t worry son, if you go blind it’ll only be temporary”. That’s right, the first batch of BV beer has been bubbling away for a week so today we siphoned it off into bottles ready for the festive season. Cheers!Read more


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What’s going on at BV? We’re pretty used to the garden being covered in bikes in various states of disrepair, but this week we’ve got a change of scene. The German kayak squad have set up home here while they prepare for the world champs in June. You might think that boats would be moreRead more

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