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Sun, snow, Scotland and… mud: Strathpuffer 2015

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  It seems we just can’t help ourselves – it’s January, there are severe weather warnings everywhere and, just like last year, we’re driving up the A9 into a blizzard on our way to the 2015 Strathpuffer. The first challenge is getting the van up the icy forest track to the small clearing that ThorRead more

Dancing Queens!

post image Ray’s been busy with his video camera again! This week’s edit sees some of our regular BV guests being put through their paces on some more amazing Alpine singletrack, getting some interesting switchback coaching and perhaps the creation of the first ever BV boy band led by Puffy and the inimitable Jock Travolta. BenRead more

Going, going, go-cart

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He’s still alive! This time last week BV’s only male heir, seven year old Addie, spotted a poster for a go-cart race, in just 3 days time, and pointed it out to Sam and Calum. Here’s what happened next: First we emptied the shed of all the broken bike bits we had lying around andRead more

Orange Five 29 first rides

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29ers: They’re not supposed to be good in tight, techy stuff and they’re definitely supposed to be less fun. Somebody better go and tell Orange then, because these fresh Five 29s are, for want of a more objective description, the best bikes we’ve ever ridden. It was a perfect testing day too – wet, wet,Read more

Shimano Epic Enduro

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I think they call that a paradigm shift. Pretty much every point of reference I had for what makes up a savage bike event changed at the weekend when a friend and I drove way down south into the Languedoc for the inaugural Shimano Epic Enduro. The stats already sounded pretty intimidating – 90km ofRead more

Grizzly 2014 survived and even enjoyed…

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We finished the bugger! We even did much better than we thought, pulling off 60th from 1550 finishers and actually enjoying every last bit of it. So far we’ve raised over £1300 for Osteoporosis research too (visit our Justgiving page if you’d like to). It could have gone so badly. 32ish km of running alongRead more

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