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Sometimes bringing your own mountain bike to the Alps isn’t the best option. For this reason we have a small range of enduro mountain bikes for hire in the Alps and they’re available at €350/week. If ever we’re all booked out we can also arrange bike hire through the local hire shops in the valley but it tends to cost closer to €490/week. That’s because this is how they make their living rather than us, who have always done it as more of a service.

What you need to know: 

Cost: The cost is €350/week or €90/day for individual days.

Booking: Just fire us an email when you send your booking form and we’ll reserve the bike for you.

Small Print: We’ll take payment for the bike hire in advance. You will then be responsible for the safe working of the bike during your trip. Of course we’ll give it the once-over together at the start of your trip. Afterwards you can treat it like your own for the week. We will of course be on hand to help with set up, shock adjustment and so on. In the event of damage to the bike we will ask you to pay the basic cost of the repair. Please be mindful of this responsibility – if you lean the bike on a stone wall and end up scratching the fork stanchions, it will need to be repaired so that the next person to rent it gets the riding experience they deserve too.