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Another enduro route through the Beaufortain, Savoie, French Alps.
Big mountain riding at the top of Sketchy Dismount in Les Arcs, our epic one day enduro route in Savoie, French Alps.
It's not fettling unless you have the file out! Bikevillage holidays, Savoie, French Alps.
Another ridge line single track on 'Big Cheese', an epic back country enduro route through the Beaufortain, Savoie, French Alps with Bikevillage
Dropping into Spineology, an epic back country enduro route near les Arcs, Savoie, French Alps with Bikevillage

Welcome to the 2016 edition of the BikeVillage website

Here at BikeVillage we dish up the best backcountry, enduro and XC singletrack mountain biking in the world. If you’re passionate about your singletrack (and your food!) and fancy the best big-riding mountain bike trip of your life then take a wee moment to shuffle around our site and get acquainted. Otherwise, let Bike Magic’s Trail Guide TV do the hard work for you!

We're very lucky here at BikeVillage: with the singletrack of Les Arcs, La Plagne, Sainte Foy, the Beaufortain, la Rosiere and much more besides.

They literally run out of our garden too, so you can custom tailor your rides to your exact needs! And since we've been showing folk these trais for over a decade, you'll know you're on the best singletrack there is. Maybe that's why over the last few years over two thirds of our guests have been repeat BV'ers and their friends!

Whether you like your mountain biking in the form of leg-assisted xc epics on the sweetest singletrack around or more chairlift-assisted back country singletrack missions, we will take you to the best trails you've ever ridden!

Whatever you ride, you'll always end up back at BikeVillage Towers (sic), a lovely 280 year-old French farmhouse nestled below the woods of Les Arcs where you can pick a sunny spot in the garden to drink a cold beer, eat some cake and look up at Mont Blanc glowing pink as the sun sets sets over the mountains.

Breathe in the cool Alpine air as aromas of home grown, home cooked food waft out of our kitchen, occasionally followed by the noise of breaking glass, a fast moving BV child and a choice word or two... We hope you like the site. If you have any queries that we have not covered, please don't hesitate to e-mail us at info@bikevillage.co.uk or to call us on the number below. 0033 615 719 932

"...you wont find better alpine trail anywhere in europe." - What MountainBike